Through our services, the dedication of UCP Team Members, and the hard work of our children and families, we’ve seen children overcome incredible hurdles. Here are just a few of the many amazing stories that we are fortunate to share.


Gage’s Story | VIDEO

Gage was born with congenital Hydrocephalus and started with UCP when he was three years old. He was completely dependent on a walker to maneuver his school environment and often crawled around the classroom. Six years later, Gage attends one of UCP’s Elementary Charter Schools and is walking independently throughout the campus. UCP provides an environment that encourages self confidence, teamwork, and every opportunity to excel. You can often find Gage walking around telling a good story!

“The benefits kind of speak for themselves, they came month by month, and year by year. Now he’s walking on his own.”

—Colin (Gage’s Father)


Erika, Samantha, Yareli and their children | VIDEO

Erika, Samantha, and Yarely are three sisters enrolled in UCP’s BETA Teen Parent Connection Program at our Downtown/BETA Campus. Before finding UCP/BETA, Erika and Samantha dropped out of high school when they each discovered they were pregnant. When their younger sister Yarely found out she was pregnant, she contacted the BETA Teen Parent Connection Program and encouraged her sisters to continue their education together. Erika, Samantha, and Yarely receive a full academic curriculum through our partnership with OCPS as well as parenting support and counseling. While they’re at school, their children are in daycare on campus and Erika’s son is in UCP’s inclusive kindergarten program. They graduated May 2019.

“It helps your self esteem, it makes you feel like you’re doing good with your baby and in life.”

-Samantha (UCP BETA Student)


Andres’ Story | VIDEO


Andres relocated from Puerto Rico with his mom and little brother after Hurricane Maria. Andres struggles with various physical and developmental delays as a result of Microcephaly but had limited access to vital healthcare services in Puerto Rico. Today, Andres receives Pediatric Physical, Occupational, and Speech Language therapy at UCP’s Downtown/BETA Campus. In just a few months, Andres has made tremendous progress – he is eating solid foods for the first time, gaining mobility and working on sitting upright. Andres has a long journey ahead, but based on his hard work and the dedication of his family and therapists, we know he will make great progress.

“I found UCP, that was for me, the best thing that could've happened in my life.”

-Erika (Andres’ Mother)