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Our Mission:

To empower children with and without disabilities to achieve their potential by providing individualized support, education and therapy services in an inclusive environment.



Programs and Services

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Each UCP Campus has a dedicated therapy team providing Physical, Occupational, and Speech Language services from birth to age 21. Pediatric therapy services are offered as part of an Individual Education Plan (IEP) or a medical therapy plan to UCP students and out-patient clients. Our multi-disciplinary and personal approach allows our Therapists to serve a variety of disabilities and delays including Cerebral Palsy, Spina Bifida, Down syndrome, genetic conditions, speech and language delays, and developmental delays in a familiar, welcoming,  and inclusive environment.

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We are committed to providing children and young adults of all abilities with equal access to a quality education. One of our main causes is bridging education gaps for all students who aspire to excel academically, especially students facing adversity. Education funding continues to be tight and many mainstream learning models may discourage bright students who learn in their own unique way, whether they are gifted and accelerated learners, living with a disability, or engage in learning differently.Our nonprofit organization operates 7 inclusive Charter Schools in Central Florida, giving all students access to a rigorous and rewarding curriculum customized to their individual potential.

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We provide individualized support services for families navigating some of life’s biggest challenges. We believe that social and emotional health is vital in a child’s development. Our team of mental health professionals, and counselors work with families as they raise their children and create a strong foundation for a brighter future. Support services are provided free of cost for children and families enrolled in UCP of Central Florida’s Program.

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Our Transitional Learning Academy gives young adults with disabilities, delays, and IEPs a traditional Middle, High School, and Post Graduate experience in an environment that is inclusive, accessible, and tailored to their own abilities. TLA students have access to a standard Middle/High School Curriculum with customized instruction to fit their abilities and learning styles. We also offer job training, internship opportunities, and life skills, for students transitioning into adulthood, in addition to UCP’s Physical, Occupational, and Speech Language Therapy services.

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Children learn, thrive, cultivate confidence and develop social skills through participation and interaction. In traditional schools students with disabilities are typically taught in “Special-Ed” classrooms separate from their peers without disabilities. UCP’s elementary campuses are almost entirely inclusive (50% children with disabilities and 50% without disabilities). Children with and without disabilities have the opportunity to interact, collaborate, and build friendships. Studies show that Inclusion can create significant academic, social, and interpersonal gains for both students with and without disabilities.

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UCP’s BETA Teen Parent Program is unlike any other program in our community. Adolescent mother’s are often faced with the dilemma of raising a family at the expense of continuing their education. The demands of motherhood, social stigma among peers, and emotional burnout make teen moms especially vulnerable to dropping out of school. Our program provides these bright young moms a community where they can finish their middle and high school education while their babies receive free childcare, and developmental screenings all on campus. Mothers also receive counseling services, parenting labs,and college and career coaching, helping young mothers transition into motherhood while creating a path to success for themselves and their children.  

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Serving over 3,500 children & families in Central Florida

We have served the Central Florida community for over 60 years and continue to grow in order to accommodate the rising need for our services. We are proud to serve Osceola, Orange, and Seminole County . Our 7 campuses are conveniently located in Downtown Orlando, Kissimmee, Pine Hills, East Orlando, Lake Mary, and Winter Garden.

Each campus provides Physical, Occupational, and Speech Language Therapy, Family Support Services, and individualized Early Learning, Childcare, Inclusive K-5 Education. TLA and BETA provide Middle/High School, and Career Training for young adults.


Defying odds, Building Futures.

Our commitment to creating paths to success for children continues to evolve as we discover new opportunities and approaches to deliver our mission to our community. We believe in equal access to resources, services, and opportunities that spark confidence, defy odds, and empower children and young adults to discover their unique contributions to the world.

The best investment in our future is to empower children in their education, perseverance, self-esteem, and empathy. We celebrate every milestone, every bit of growth, and the dedication of our Educators, Therapists, Donors, Volunteers, Community Partners and Administrative Team.

Every donation, volunteer hour, therapy session, school day, and sponsorship bring us one step closer to changing the trajectory of a child’s life. We are beyond grateful of the support we receive from our community and look forward to more celebrations, more hurdles cleared, and more opportunities to work alongside our generous and passionate community to change lives and empower the children in Central Florida.