Volunteer Spotlight: Lake and Daniel

Daniel & Lake are two young leaders who have made a huge impact in influencing the lives of people with disabilities in the Central Florida community.In 2012, four of their friends and classmates, one of whom has Cerebral Palsy, decided to start a local 5K to raise awareness and funds for the special needs community in their home town and surrounding areas.  After two years of a successful and growing event, the four originating students had to move away from Central Florida but did not want to let the event die.  At that time, Daniel & Lake joined the group, and with the help of their family and school, theLake Scary 5K for UCP of Central Florida kept on.  Year after year, the event has been a true success thanks to these young men but their efforts did not stop there.  Daniel & Lake have continued to organize volunteer efforts with their fellow classmates by hosting holiday events and a buddy program at their local UCP campus.  They have also facilitated a collaboration with UCP & Lake Mary Preparatory School to provide educational opportunities to bring awareness to their community.  These young men serve as role models not only for the youth in their community, but for people of all ages. Daniel & Lakeadvocate the importance of understanding that people of all abilities deserve the opportunity to reach their full potential.  They set the example that every single one of us has a responsibility to support one another in recognizing but respecting our differences, and that we all have the power to make a difference in one another’s lives.