UCP Miracles: Wesley’s Story

Wesley is 6 years old and was born a month early after a high risk pregnancy. After a tough start, he began to grow and thrive. But around the age of 1, his Mom realized he was not babbling and by 1 ½ years old she realized there was “something going on.” Right before he turned 2, Wesley was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder and speech delays. His family realized he needed others to bring him out of his shell, and they found UCP. Wesley’s family credit’s UCP with not only bringing him out, but showing them how to do it and how to work with him. About 1 ½ years ago, Wesley was 2 ½ years behind on speech and now he is only about 6 months behind and progresses daily. His Mom and Grandparents say that Wesley would not have the success he has without the staff of UCP “who truly, truly love the little people that they’re charged with and go so far above and beyond that it pays off in the child’s development.” At one point, Wesley was never expected to talk and now Wesley says, “Mommy, I love you!” and blows her kisses. Proof of hard work paying off!

Please click the video below to learn more about Wesley’s journey with UCP.

UCP Miracles - Wesley's Story