What support services does UCP provide?

Individual, couples, and family counseling services for children with disabilities and their families are available free of charge (funded through Orange County Citizens Review Panel).

Information and referral, support groups, parent training and family events are available at all campuses.

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What is a state-funded charter school?

Charter schools are unique public schools that have the freedom to be more innovative while being held accountable for improving student achievement. They were created more than 20 years ago to find ways to improve our nation’s public schools and close the achievement gap. As a result, they raise the bar for what is possible in public education.

Charter schools, while operating independent of a school district, are public schools. Just like traditional public schools, charter schools are funded by local, state and federal tax dollars based on student enrollment. They are free, do not have special entrance requirements and do not charge tuition. Charter schools are not religious and cannot discriminate against students on any basis.

How many children are enrolled in UCP of Central Florida’s schools?

UCP’s seven campuses enrolled over 1000 900 children ages 6 weeks to 21 at its 7 campuses.

What are UCP’s Education Programs?

Who might benefit from UCP’s education programs and classroom settings?

As a charter school, we can give teachers the freedom to innovate and try new ways to improve student achievement and create an environment tailored to the needs of individual students, while still being held accountable for student learning.  At UCP Charter schools we are able to make changes more quickly in general than traditional public school to help make sure students are learning.

What are the funding sources for education programs and school at UCP?


What therapies are offered at UCP?

What therapy services are offered at UCP?

What payment does UCP accept for therapy?

Who are the children who benefit most from the therapy services that UCP provides?