Toddlers are busy exploring the world around them, just wanting to get up and go. We recognize your child’s natural instinct to discover how the great big world works. That is why UCP’s toddler programs are led by a group of dynamic, energetic and qualified teachers who offer plenty of indoor and outdoor opportunities to explore.

Your child will pretend to be a dinosaur, create a masterpiece in art, ride a tricycle on the playground and go on adventures in nature.  Even with all their new-found independence, parents can rest assured knowing that a caring, loving hand is there to guide them every step of the way.

We know that all toddlers need room to move and explore so we provide lots of opportunities for them to use their bodies and to explore their surroundings.  Younger toddlers are beginning to develop more precise eye-hand coordination.  Teachers encourage this by providing opportunities for them to manipulate toys that require turning knobs, flipping switches, and pushing buttons.  They are also encouraged to turn pages in a book and to imitate the hand motions of finger-plays and songs.  Older toddlers are encouraged to recognize the names of familiar objects and people and to begin using language to communicate.  They also participate in activities of daily living by washing and drying their hands, getting a book for the teacher to read and putting toys away.

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