Transitional Learning Academy (6th Grade-21 Years Old)

Transitional Learning Academy

The Transitional Learning Academy or TLA, is a middle school and high school for students with special needs.  Students in TLA receive academic instruction as well as life skills training and vocational training.  The goal of TLA is to instruct each student in a manner that respects his/her individual differences.  In addition, TLA provides guidance and support for the students’ families.

UCP’s Middle School and High School Campus
3305 S. Orange Ave.,
Orlando Fl 32806

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For more information call (407) 852-3300 Ext. 8356.

Middle and high school students deserves a unique and safe place of their own!   A small school with individualized attention focused on their abilities not their disabilities. A place with a passionate and caring staff with specific expertise and training for students with disabilities. The UCP Transitional Learning Academy allows for a holistic and inter-disciplinary team approach with teachers, physical, speech and occupational therapists, and other support team members working together to ensure each child reaches their fullest potential.

The UCP Transitional Learning Academy Campus houses four tuition FREE programs:

Located in central Orlando – just south of Downtown Orlando, other features of the campus include:

UCP Transitional Learning Academy Middle Charter School – 6th – 8th Grade – Tuition FREE

The transition to Middle School is a challenging one for any student. UCP TLA Middle School provides the extra attention middle school students with disabilities and delays need to succeed. This program is for student not on a traditional diploma track. The tuition free charter school includes:

UCP Transitional Learning Academy Private School – 6th – 12th Grade (McKay Scholarship – Tuition Free Eligible)

Even though they are on a standard diploma track, some students with disabilities or delays need a more individualized and smaller environment to succeed. The UCP Transitional Learning Academy McKay Private School is the answer!

UCP Transitional Learning Academy High Charter School – 9th – 12th Grade/Through Age 21 – Tuition FREE

Students in high school are getting ready to transition to adulthood. At UCP Transitional Learning Academy, we work with each student to develop an individual plan to gain the necessary skills for success including the new Florida Diploma options for students with disabilities.

9th – 12th Grade – High School Program (Non-Standard Diploma Track):

College/Career Transitional Experience – For 18 – 21 year Olds (Non-Standard Diploma Track) – Tuition FREE

This program will provide hands on instruction for work options and the opportunity to be part of “college” through recreational and course audits experiences.

College/Career Transition Program

An opportunity for young adults who have earned a special high school diploma to participate in a college social experience, gain valuable employment skills through training and internships and improve their life skills.

UCP’s Middle School and High School Campus
3305 S. Orange Ave.,
Orlando Fl 32806

For more information call (407) 852-3300 Ext. 8356.

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