Kindergarten to 5th Grade

UCP of Central Florida’s Elementary Charter Schools were developed so children of all abilities can learn together.

Our philosophy is that each child has unique strengths, and all children should be given equal opportunities to serve as leaders.

Our schools places a strong emphasis on developing effective communication, active cooperation, thoughtful problem solving, individual and group initiative, pride in uniqueness, development of talent, and embracing differences. The curriculum was developed from theories on brain research, multiple intelligences and Universal Design for Learning (UDL). We provide comprehensive education and use an integrative, hands-on approach to learning. Therefore, children develop skills in all academic, social and emotional areas throughout their day.

Two elements that are central and unique to our program are the integration of the arts and technology. By integrating these two resources into daily and weekly lessons, we are able to offer students opportunities to explore and expand upon new skills and abilities.

UCP Elementary Charter Schools use a co-teacher model in the majority of its elementary school classrooms. This model incorporates a general education and Exceptional Education teacher teaches together in partnership.

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