Picture your little angel in a warm, comforting environment where our teachers love babies and understand how to help develop their self-esteem and sense of security.  At UCP, you will find that and more.

We recognize the need for your baby to have a close connection with their care taker.  That is why we have one staff member to only four babies. It is our goal to offer your growing baby group and individual playtime that engages all their senses. Whether its buggy rides to the nature trail area, swinging on the playground or sitting quietly on the lap of a teacher who knows how important comfort is to your child, UCP offers opportunities for learning and growing in even the simplest activities.

Young infants are encouraged to coo and vocalize, teeth on appropriate toys, roll over and eventually sit alone.  They are also encouraged to track objects and respond to their environment by vocalizing, smiling and turning toward caregivers while being held or read to.  Infants learn about cause and effect by grasping and releasing objects, kicking or swatting at a mobile to activate sounds or lights and tipping their bottle to get that last bit of milk. Older infants are encouraged to crawl and pull-up on child size tables and chairs, manipulate objects (put beads in a box), move with music and engage in back and forth play with adults.  Communication is fostered by the use of sign language and word approximations.  Teachers encourage older infants to decrease their dependence on pacifiers and bottles and learn to enjoy healthy snacks with their peers.

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