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2021 - 2022 IMPACT REPORT

Updated: Jun 12

Dear Friends,

We have completed another incredible year at UCP of Central Florida. This last year brought its own unique set of challenges, but we are so proud of our UCP team members, students, families, board of directors, donors, and volunteers – YOU all made this year a great one!

As the COVID-19 pandemic spread, UCP fought back and continued to provide unparalleled support, education, and therapy to all of our families. We are pleased to see that our children are continuing to grow, learn, and develop, achieving new goals and milestones.

During the 2021-2022 school year families had the option to receive their charter education and therapy services at home via virtual learning or on campus in our classrooms and therapy gyms. Our teachers and therapists shifted their traditional methods to meet the need and our UCP kids continued to flourish.

In October 2020 we broke ground on a new campus located in Winter Garden and celebrated the opening of the UCP West Orange Charter School at the new Healthy West Orange Campus in September 2021! Thanks to our leadership team and donor support, we are now serving 95 more children at this new facility than the year prior.

As we begin another school year, we continue to uphold our commitment to our UCP families by providing a unique, individualized, safe & healthy learning environment and look forward to another year of achievements!

We are humbled by the partnership and generosity of each of you! We cannot make these miracles happen without you.



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