The UCP Institute focuses on providing professional development and consultative services to other charter schools, private schools, day care centers and other agencies/providers. Through online webinars, blogs and various “live” professional development, the UCP Institute shares information and best practices.

CURRENT COURSE: UCP Summer Institute "Reaching Every Learner in Today's Inclusive Classrooms"

This FREE Summer Institute target audience is new teachers and paraprofessionals to help provide hands on effective strategies to include all learners . Featured presenter includes Dr. Rebecca A. Hines of University of Central Florida and other experts. With degrees and teaching experience in both general and special education, Dr. Rebecca Hines has a unique focus on preparing educators to meet the needs of students with disabilities in the general education classroom.

When: Monday June 24 - Thursday - June 27th (9am - 3pm) 

Where: UCP Bailes Community Academy - 4780 Data Court, Orlando, FL 32817 

Continental Breakfast and Lunch provided. This Institute is made possible through the generous funding of Universal Orlando Foundation. College credit is available (for a credit fee).