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The UCP BETA Teen Parent Connection Program is one of the many programs that are offered by UCP of Central Florida at our Downtown Orlando campus. The program is open to pregnant teens and young mothers and serves up to 100 students, ages 12 to 19.

The goal is to provide the resources and tools necessary to prepare our teen mothers to become leaders in their homes, families, and communities.

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“We teach our girls to be leaders in their homes, their families, and their communities. We try to afford them every opportunity to find who they are, even at this age where they are still trying to figure out who they want to be”


— Dr. Wendy Thomson, M.S., ED.D, Director of Family Services

Our strategic partnership with Orange County Public Schools encourages teen mothers to complete their high school diploma while receiving the necessary services, resources, and counseling from our experts.

We also help their budding scholars grow in our early learning program on the same campus through our UCP Downtown Charter School.


Our campus allows convenient access to their children, and the peace of mind of knowing their young learner is in good hands.

Beta Program Services