Why UCP?

For Parents

Conveniently located throughout Central Florida, UCP of Central Florida helps children unlock their full potential. By creating individualized, academic programs in an inclusive setting, we are giving children the opportunity to live life without limits.

By integrating the learning styles of our students, UCP challenges and inspires each child to develop his or her own talents. More importantly, our school has a community feel that fosters a learning environment and boosts personal and academic achievement.

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For Donors

For more than 55 years, UCP has been the experts for children with special needs providing the best support, education and therapy to children birth to age 21. Over the last decade, we have also opened our doors to children without disabilities and embraced an education model called Inclusion. Our children, families and team members have witnessed first-hand the benefits of children learning, growing and excelling together in the same environment where there are no limits. Last year alone, we helped over 3,000 children with and without disabilities, but there are many more who can benefit from our programs.

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For Volunteers

At UCP of Central Florida, we help break down barriers and witness miracles happening everyday. This wouldn’t happen without support from volunteers. Volunteers are the heart of our organization and help us successfully implement our programs and events. Whether it’s reading in a classroom, planning our annual gala or helping our staff update files and records, our volunteers enter and leave UCP with a smile of their face.

Your support helps us provide therapy scholarships for children who families are unable to pay for services, purchase equipment and supplies for classroom and therapy sessions, staff our classrooms, and much more.

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